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You may feel uncomfortable about group therapy at first. But this type of therapy has the power to transform your recovery as you get incomparable support from people who share your experience. The team at First Step Recovery Center offers group therapy as a beneficial part of your detox and recovery treatment. To learn more, call one of the offices in Reynoldsburg, Marion, Lancaster, or Columbus, Ohio, or book a consultation online today.

Group Therapy Q & A

What are the benefits of group therapy?

It’s not easy to meet with a group of strangers to talk about your addiction and the challenges you face. But they’re not strangers for long because everyone in the group shares the same experiences.

The people in your group understand what you’re going through, so they’re easy to talk with. And you may be surprised at the insight you learn from others, as well as the help you can be for them as you talk about your experience.

Many people with a substance use disorder feel isolated from their family and friends and think they have to face their problems alone. In group therapy, you quickly learn that you’re not alone.

The members of your group act as a sounding board and help you come up with ideas for improving a difficult situation or overcoming a specific challenge. They will also hold you accountable, which can be a strong motivator when you’re tempted to give in.

What happens during group therapy?

What happens during group therapy depends on the people in the group, the goals they want to achieve, and the professional leading the group. Though group therapy primarily involves the free flow of conversation, each session is structured and guided by a leader.

The leader is usually a licensed social worker or psychologist, but in some cases, it could be a physician or other professional experienced in group therapy. They come to each meeting with a plan about the topic to be discussed or the questions they may ask to guide the discussion.

Most importantly, the professional leading your group therapy is fully trained to provide expert guidance. Group therapy isn’t just about talking with others. You can count on learning strategies for successfully managing your problems.

Will I have individual therapy along with group therapy?

At the start of your treatment, you also have individual therapy. Addiction counseling in the form of individual therapy is required as part of your medical detoxification. Individual therapy also allows confidential, one-on-one therapy that targets your unique addiction and mental health needs.  

As your recovery progresses, you may continue individual therapy, or you may only need the support of group therapy. Your provider at First Step Recovery Center will be honest about the level of care they believe is most beneficial for you and help you make the best decision.

If you would like to learn more about group therapy, call First Step Recovery Center or book a consultation online today.