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Landing a job after rehab can seem like an overwhelming task. As part of your addiction recovery plan, the team at First Step Recovery Center offers workforce development services to help you find work while maintaining your sobriety. The trained counselors assist with your job search by helping you build your resume and secure job opportunities that provide you with financial stability and independence. Learn more about the available workforce development program by calling the office in Marion, Reynoldsburg, Columbus, or Lancaster, Ohio, or schedule a consultation online today.

Workforce Development Q & A

What is workforce development?

Workforce development describes services that support your personal growth and financial independence in sobriety.

The team at First Step Recovery Center offers comprehensive workforce development services as part of your treatment plan for addiction. They focus on helping you develop the life skills you need to thrive after you complete treatment.

The team also works closely with you to complete your resume and help you find a job without jeopardizing your sobriety.

What are the benefits of workforce development?

Getting a job after you complete rehab can reduce your risk for relapse and support your long-term sobriety. Employment also provides the financial resources you need to live an independent life.

However, finding employment can be difficult for those in recovery who face certain barriers, such as:

  • A criminal record
  • Poor life skills
  • A lack of education
  • A lack of professional references
  • Large gaps in employment history

To help you overcome these barriers and become successfully employed, the team at First Step Recovery Center works with you in several ways through their workforce development program.

What can I expect from workforce development?

The First Step Recovery Center team helps you begin networking to increase your chances of landing job opportunities. This might include building on relationships with those you meet in your 12-step groups and securing references you can use on your resume.

The team also provides career counseling resources to help you meet with employers in the community who support hiring those in recovery. You also learn how to use the internet to find employment in your chosen field and apply for jobs.

Career counselors can help you develop a solid resume and cover letter that highlights your experience and skills. Considering your work history and interests, they assist you with researching different career paths that might be right for you.

The available life skills program provides additional resources to manage the money you earn and organize your schedule to ensure you can follow through with all the responsibilities required of your job.

To find out more about the benefits of workforce development, call the First Step Recovery Center office nearest you or book a consultation online today.