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No one understands recovery better than the people who’ve been through the process. At First Step Recovery Center, with offices in Marion,  Lancaster, Columbus, and Reynoldsburg, Ohio, the addiction specialists offer peer support services to reduce your risk of relapse. Your connection with your peers in recovery also helps you build a safe and reliable support system, so you can confidently overcome the challenges you face maintaining your sobriety. To find out more about the benefits of peer support, call the office nearest you or book a consultation online today.

Peer Support Q & A

What is peer support?

Peer support is an essential part of the addiction recovery process. People who are isolated during their recovery are at a higher risk for relapse than those who have the support of their peers.

The First Step Recovery Center team offers peer support services to keep you engaged in your recovery and help you navigate the challenges in life after addiction.

Peer support also gives you the opportunity to learn how to build healthy relationships and let go of the relationships that don’t support your sobriety.

How does peer support work?

Peer support connects you with people who are successful in their recovery process and are willing to help those in need of encouragement.

Peers in recovery have a shared understanding of your struggles with addiction and also have insight into the triggers that increase your risk for relapse.

They provide support, mentoring, and resources that help you stay focused on living a sober life during your recovery program, while you’re in sober living housing, and when you return to the real world.

What are the benefits of peer support?

The peer support services available at First Step Recovery Center focus on helping you build and maintain relationships with others in recovery.

Your peers serve as a motivator for staying sober. They also help you navigate the conflicts you experience in daily life and become the support system you need when processing negative feelings like anxiety, anger, and grief.

Because your peers are going through the same struggles, you can serve as a beacon of hope for them as well. They can look to you for guidance in their efforts to remain sober, giving you a boost of self-confidence and a sense of purpose.

You can also establish healthy relationships with people who understand you as you rebuild your social connections as a sober person. Many of these relationships last long after a treatment program is complete and help those in recovery stay on track with their sobriety.

Learn more about the benefits of peer support by booking an appointment online or calling the First Step Recovery Center office nearest you.